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Testimonials - Adept Limousine Service

What are people saying about Adept Limousine Service?

Nashville Operator Marks 10 Years Titan's Radio

You provided another TITAN-sized effort on Titans Caravan X - and for that, I am truly thankful.


We simply could not execute our ten-day tour without the Adept team. It's not just the luxury of the cars or the consistent on-time deliveries, it is the way you go above the call of duty. From feeding the players to picking up the things we need in a hurry to dealing with those late "change of plans," your entire team follows your lead in simply making it happen.


In dealing with other companies across the country, both in this industry and outside, I have simply not found a group that is so professional and so accommodating to the customer. Adept goes beyond the call.


It is why our Titans Radio team is proud to call Adept our partner.


With warmest regards,


Larry D. Stone Jr.
Operations Manager
Titans Radio - 104.5 The Zone - 103 WKDF

Nashville Operator Marks 10 YearsCountry Music Hall of Fame

Last month's Medallion Ceremon was a remarkable evening and cause for celebration. Two country music giants, Jimmy Dean and Don Williams, were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. The celebratory atmosphere was enhanced by our return to the beautiful Ford Theater, following its post-flood reperations.


It was a grand occasion befitting the accomplishments of these esteemed inductees. As you're aware because of a tie in one category, there were four inductees in 2010, necessitating two ceremonies. Staging two gala events within six months is challenging, especially for a non-profit institution such as ours. However, we are particularly fortunate to have the support of good friends such as you, whose generosity makes events such as Medallion not only feassible, but enormously successful.


We treasure this ceremony that allows us to recognize and honor all of our Hall of Fame members, and we value your role in making it possible. Thank you for honoring us with your support.



Jo Ellen Drennon
Senior Director
Event Management


Pamela Johnson
Vice President